Digital community for women over 40

October 15 2019

Sparked began as the dream of Charlotte and Clara. As others, they realized the lack of meaningful information and easily accesible communities for wome above the 40 year mark.

The problem: As women grow older, they become culturally forgote, by both marketers and by the communities that they helped build up. Nowadays information is becoming more available and there are several fdifferent information sources that one such oman may be able to reach, however countries like Mexico are the exception. With that in mind, Both of them set out to build a place where they could belong along with friends. Sharing infrmation, tips and ideas. A bona fide community.

Building a community

The challenge for our team starts before the first pencil is held. Most of our experiences are far removed from the events that souround thhese womens lives and even with women participation it was necessarry to get closer to their day to day lives. To create a real community howeverm we needed time.
Hard as we might try, it is a crucial stem to set the basis for what the community would be about and then help both Charlotte and Clara with the process of making interpretations and assumptions.