Experiencia Rayada

Church and Sigil of a Football Team

One of the mayor teams of la Liga Mexicana de Football and One of the teams representing Monterrey City, Rayados is one of the oldest and most acomplished teams in México. After the debut of their new stadium, they need a to give fans a new push to visit their 'Meca' : A place to know of their history and their successes.

A stadium to call their own

The core of every sports team is their fanbase. rayados, with more than 71 yearss of History, has the 6th largest fanbase. Though most of that history, the team did not have a Stadium to hold those fans together. To play, they used and rented Stadiums throught the city, lasting until 2010.

After 5 years of deals and planning and construction, the BBVA Stadium finally opend their doors to 51,000 spectators. After their inauguration, the stadium managment wanted to give more to thir loyal fans, and began touring the new stadium with small exhibitions of their history. Not long after it was evident that they needed to invest in an overal experience together.

Working in an interdisciplinary team, we developed a renewed visitor experience touching upon areas of exhibition design, branding and communication.