Minerva: A differente now.

Our limitless posibilities, ideally.

The nature of the world is ever changing. And yet, everything seems to remain basically the same. In the world we live in , Google among othersis a mainstay. Everything in your room could one day be connecto to their cloud and yet we no longer bat an eye at the thought. The Barriers between the digital and the phisical are now as thin as tehy will ever be, because the only posible move now is to erradicate them completely. And yet death and disaster are as worldly as ever.

Minerva is a proposed app that would enable fast, on time information to rescue forces, the blue helmets, or the red cross services about the conditions of the city or area in times of disaster using currently available technologies. Such an app would have a secondary printed service to distribute between the refugees of such an emergency in case of diminished / denied services in the most extreme eventents.

Minerva is an exercise on utopic thinking. Minerva exists in a world where the hand that reaches for help can and will find it in the big-five; where pitches for the next big product is a way to create a better future, not just more convenient present. Such a wolrd would have developed an ecomonomic or achievement system that would allow for expresions of value and usefulness centered on their hability to help one another.